Roberts Proton Therapy Center

Meet Stanley
and Stephanie

When diagnosed with head and neck cancer, Stanley's research of treatment options led him to proton therapy

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Meet Bill

Proton therapy for his prostate cancer allowed Bill to maintain his passion for cycling, even during treatment

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Meet Glenn

Proton therapy for his prostate cancer saved Glenn's life in more ways than one

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Meet Kathy

A lung cancer diagnosis was scary,
but the team at Penn helped ease her mind

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Meet Joanne

Treated for an optic nerve tumor,
Joanne was of one Penn's first proton patients

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Meet Martha
and Bill

Married 45 years, the diagnosis of a brain tumor
only made them stronger

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Meet Rob

Proton therapy turned the tables on Rob's stage IV pancreatic cancer

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Meet Butch, Gary, Joel and Dave

All diagnosed with prostate cancer, the group discusses the impact of proton therapy on their lives

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Proton Therapy at the Roberts Proton Therapy Center

What is Proton Therapy?

A proton is a tiny particle that can make a big difference in your life. A proton beam conforms to the shape of a tumor with greater precision while sparing healthy tissues and organs.

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Why Roberts Proton Therapy Center?

At Penn, you can rest assured you will have a world–renowned team of experts dedicated to provide you with the most advanced care from each and every perspective for your cancer.

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Is Proton Therapy right for you?

Latest News

Patients, doctors, families, and experts at Penn Medicine are sharing information about treating cancer with proton therapy. Learn more about proton therapy, meet patients who've had proton therapy at Penn, or get more information about cancer on the Penn Medicine Focus On Cancer Blog.

  • Dr. James Metz Named Chair of Penn's Department of Radiation Oncology

    It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Dr. James Metz, Morton M. Kligerman Professor of Radiation Oncology, as Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology.

  • Image guidance for proton therapy at Penn's Roberts Proton Therapy Center

    In the most recent interview for Medical Physics Web, James Metz, MD Interim Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Penn Medicine discussed the importance of image guidance for proton treatment delivery, and how it has been implemented at Penn Medicine's Roberts Proton Therapy Center.

  • May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month

    As part of Brain Cancer Awareness Month, the team at Penn's Abramson Cancer Center wants patients to be aware of all the options for treating their brain cancer.Treatment choices will vary based on the type and grade of tumor, its location and size, as well as the age and general health of the patient. Along with surgery, chemotherapy, conventional and Gamma Knife and CyberKnife® radiation therapy treatment options, Penn Medicine’s Roberts Proton Therapy Center offers proton therapy for brain cancer treatment.